Mataro Blue Seeds

Kannabia Seeds Mataro Blue is a very complex little lady which produces some outstanding results.
These feminised seeds have been crossed to produce a plant that can offer:
– High yield
– Fantastic resin production
– Short vegetative cycle
– Quick flowering period
– Sensational highs
– Delicious, deep flavour with orange undertones
As soon as the central bud produces the first of its overlapping flowers, you will see the start of the crystal formation. By the end of the growth period, each flower will be saturated with gorgeous thick THC-rich resin that can produce levels of between 18-20%.
And when this little darling is ready in early September, the distinctly blue plant produces the most fantastic strong smoke giving a deep and elevating high that can make you feel like you’re floating on air.
Carry out some careful ice extraction and you can also enjoy one of the tastiest and strongest forms of hash available from cannabis seeds in the UK today.
Each plant can produce up to 500 grams when it is planted outside or the same per meter square inside. It’s easy to grow and has strong germination ratios, making this an absolute jewel within the marijuana seeds crown.


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